3/5 Special Report: Sunday Project – DeAnza Farmer’s Market

Last Sunday, Special Report writers ventured to a farmer’s market in Oaks Shopping Center and did a feature on each of the stall owners. The excerpt below is written by me. For the full coverage, visit: http://www.elestoque.org/2017/03/05/special/sunday-project-walk-farmers-market/  

Only two heads taller than the mound of pumpkins and peanuts on the table, stall owner Lou Yang wields a threatening knife, swiftly chopping and separating soiled cabbage leaves from the pristine cabbage heads.

Before entering the farmer’s market scene, Yang encountered some troubles with wholesalers.

“We were picking and packing [vegetables for]wholesalers,” Yang said. “But they don’t pay me like fifty-sixty thousand dollars.”

Lou Yang cuts off wilted cabbage leaves before placing the cabbage heads on the table before her. Photo by Helen Chao

Turned away by the low compensation, Yang decided to give the Bay Area’s farmers markets a try, and she eventually received a certificate from the county certifying her to distribute and sell her vegetables to the public. Yang is involved with three farmer’s market associations, two in California (one of which is the West Coast Farmer’s Market Association), and another known as the Pacific Coast Market Association which operates throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

While Yang plants forty to fifty varieties of vegetables year-round, some specific types are seasonal. In the winter, Yang sells Napa cabbage, mustard, taro and cilantro, while summer seasons are catered to eggplant.

“At first, I was still young and enjoyed my job, but now I [am]getting old and work too hard I cannot [sell and grow vegetables],” Yang said, “[but]maybe a few more years.”


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